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Leather & Metal Arts Accessory Line

メタルライン◇The Minimum Lot from 30 peace.
◇The Metal & the leather combination style
◇The Metal & the stone combination style
◇No needs accurate draft from you.
◇We set up the draft, the master model, the main production and the packaging.
◇The metal is passed to EN71 parts 3
◇The contact address :

The 1 inch Collectable Treasure Items

宝物◇1 inch precise making metal miniatures
◇Vehicles, Rockets, Air Crafts, Robot, Astronauts & Hero's
◇The metal material is cleared EN71 parts 3
◇You will supply any image what you make from A
◇We will do all = draft, master model, proto-type & the main production
◇Yes welcome you will supply the master model
◇We make and packed to small gift box
◇Our contact address :

The Real 3d XYZ Line

立体画像◇The real 3 D on the plastic board
◇The size are from collectable card to the big AD board
◇Required only actual size of data with 350 DPI
◇All processing for 3 Dimensional effect, a back ground, logo and will produce at all our engineer.
◇Our contact address :

TranScoop 5

マルチツール◇it has 5 functional tools in one body -
1 : Binocular
2 : Magnifier
3 : Compass
4 : Reflect Mirror
5 : LED Lamp.
◇ We accept to O. E. M. for body color and imprinting to the body
◇The optional parts for carabineer and small pouch
◇Our contact address :

Fire Free Bags Line

Fire free bag width=◇The bag will protected to from unexpected fire
◇This bag cleared the EU stranded - EN 513
◇This bag consisted from 3 layers materials -
1 : Inherent and permanent flame resistance.
2 : Self-extinguishing
3 : Does not melt or drip
4 : Low heat conductivity
5 : Water proofed
◇We will accept 500 pcs for imprinting to the bag
◇The mail address is

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